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Georgia tours
Explore more of the country’s heritage in just a few hours.
A great choice when all you have is one day to get out of the city.
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We can assist you to organize tours/transfers to any part of Georgia. 
Please send us your preferable destination, date and number of people who will travel. You also can select some of our most popular tours.

Indicated prices for one car, maximum capacity 4 seats, the driver speaks Russian and English.

Вардзия | ვარძია | Vardzia

Джвари, Мцхета _ ჯვქრი, მცხეთა _Jvari, M
Крепость Рабат _ რაბათის ციხე _ Rabati C
Сигнаги _ სიღნაღი _ Sighnaghi.jpg

Castle - Jvari - Ananuri - Mcxeta - Castle: GEL150
Castle - Vardzia - Ufliscixe - Gori - Castle: GEL350 
Castle- Martvili - Gelati - Sataplia - Castle: GEL350

Castle - David Garedji - Castle: GEL200

Сигнаги | სიღნაღი | Sighnaghi

Некреси _ ნეკრესი _ Nekresi.jpg

Крепость Рабат | რაბათის ციხე | Rabati Castle

Греми _ გრემი _ Gremi.jpg

Castle- Kazbegi (one way): GEL200
Castle - Gudauri (one way): GEL200
Kazbegi - Castle (one way): GEL200
Gudauri - Castle (one way): GEL200
Castle - Batumi (one way): GEL300
Batumi - Castle (one way): GEL300​

Castle- Signagi - Vinery Khareba - Kvareli - Nektezi - Gremi - Alaverdi - Telavi - Castle: GEL250 (one day) GEL 350 (2 days)​

Ушгули _ უშგული _ Ushguli.jpg