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Rooms & Suites

Price includes: traditional Georgian breakfast, transfer from the airport, access to all facilities of the castle - lounges, all seasons outdoor infinity heated pool, garden, terraces, wine cellar etc. charges are payable in local currency GEL at the official exchange rate.

Executive Suite

Paris Suite 
This room was designed in a Parisian Art Deco style. It hosts a collection of 20th-century Georgian paintings and drawings, from artists that belong to the Montparnasse school in Paris, before the closing of the Soviet wall in 1937. The room has two independent terraces with a unique view of the old town.
Executive Suite

Armory Room

This vaulted room is likely to be the oldest part of the residence as attested by the thickness of the walls that probably had a defensive function. It is furnished with comfortable art deco and design pieces and also includes access to a large terrace.
Double Suite
with Terrace

Burma Room
This room’s residents are protected by a pair of lions and Burmese spirits (“Nats” in Burmese) in wood and lacquerware. The room is also decorated by some Burmese paintings and a collection of 18th-century French engravings. It gives access to a large terrace with a beautiful view of the city.
Double Suite 

Vienna Room
This room was designed after the American Café in Vienna, that Adolf Loos decorated a century ago. It hosts a collection of 20th-century Georgian paintings and drawings, from artists that belonged to the Montparnasse school in Paris, or were inspired by it. The Teck cupboard is an original art deco piece from south India.
Family Suite

Mac'Avoy Suite
These two en-suite rooms and bathroom have a unique view on the garden, on the courtyard and on the dome. It is furnished with comfortable mahogany and teak art deco pieces from India and Java. It is named after the Parisian artist Edouard Mac'Avoy, as one of its bouquet paintings adorns the room walls.
Triple Room
with City View

Matisse Room

This room next to the church offers the best possible view on Tbilisi. Part of the vaulted ceiling of the gallery below can be seen in the floor. Bright colours on the walls are reminders of Matisse paintings - the deep blue and bright yellow of his Moroccan period.
Family Suite

Modigliani Room
This room was named after Modigliani because of the mural inspired by one of his “caryatide” drawings. It is furnished with art deco, Bauhaus style pieces, and Soviet statues. The view on the back of the Church tower and the Bethlehem stairs is unique.
Family Suite

Delhi Suite
Two comfortable double beds located in separate rooms make it an ideal retreat for a family or group of friends travelling together. Artwork from India, Georgia, Lebanon, Burma and France adorn the walls. A small kitchenette space, as well as an office space, are also available. The spacious glass balcony provides a spectacular view of the old town – it is the perfect place for a lazy afternoon with a book, while parishioners climb the stairs towards the Bethlehem church further up.
Double Room

Levant Room
This room was initially destined for the gatekeeper of the castle. It is now adorned with ancient blue tiles from the Levant and Moroccan carpets. The shower was put in one of the alcoves. It has access to a small terrace behind the church, next to the Rock, under the vaulted arch that supports the 3rd floor of the house.
Studio Apartment
with Balcony
under the Castle

Blue Pillars Loft
This loft is located under the castle wall, with complete privacy from other guests. It still provides access to breakfast, lounge area and the swimming pool in the garden. The idea for this blue pillars apartment comes from the Imperial Hotel in Delhi where Nehru and Mountbatten negotiated Indian independence. It is a large and convenient place with some Thai and Indonesian works of art. The rock against which it is built appears in some parts of the walls. Its terrace provides a unique view on the old city – perfect for a drink in the late afternoon or for a healthy breakfast!
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Servises & Rulles

Early check-in (based on availability) from 10:00 to 12:00 - 150GEL

Late checkout (based on availability) from 12:00 to 17:00 - 150GEL

Room card lost - 60GEL

Smoking in the room  - 500GEL

Extra bed - 100GEL/night

Extra-person - 60GEL/night  

Breakfast - 40GEL/person

Laundry Services (price per item)

Transfer from the Airport to the Castle - 60GEL/car (3 persons)

Transfer from the Castle to the Airport - 60GEL/car (3 persons)

Food/drinks purchased outside are not allowed to be consumed in the common areas such as the Castel terrace, swimming pool and lobby areas. If exceptions are made, there would be a mandatory corkage charge.

Access to the internal areas of the Castle - such as the pool, garden, terraces, and lobby - is an exclusive privilege of the Castle guests only.

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